I want to thank everyone for their support over the last several years of Beach Shag Rhythm & Blues radio. We have been very blessed and grateful for all of the success. Every Dj and behind the scenes person that has any involvement with the station have been absolutely amazing.
I, Shaun Lamm, aquired the station due to my love of the music and to ensure there was a platform for up and coming Dj’s to get a start on Beach music radio as well as an outlet to air established shows. I have since moved on with other avenues of radio and have had no time to invest into the station. Gary King, the founder has been the lifeline of the station and has kept it going.
It’s a hard day for me as I announce that Beach, Shag Rhythm and Blues radio will be shutting down.
Fortunately for all of us, there are some great stations out there that are thriving and will provide us with the music that we love!
To every listener that has ever tuned in and to all of the Dj’s that have produced shows for us, I thank you!
I wish everyone of you the best as you move forward.
Keep pushing and supporting the music that we all love!
Shaun Lamm
Gary King